Websites for Library Organizations

At the Colorado State Library, we know that many of the libraries and library-related organizations we support don’t have the resources – human, financial, or technical – to create the websites they need. We’ve already implemented one great solution with COLibraries, which provides free websites and hosting to dozens of libraries across Colorado. Now, we bring you CVL Sites.

What’s different about CVL Sites?

CVL Sites are easily created and equally easily disposed of. They’re sites you can put up to promote a special event or conference. You can provide sites for a patron group (think, book club, gaming group, etc). They are not intended to be library websites. For that, you’ll want to go through COLibraries.

Who can get one?

We initially built this to host sites for library-related committees and local library conferences. We figured we were hosting a few of these on Colorado State Library servers already, so we may as well streamline and consolidate. And that’s when it struck us: there may be other groups that could benefit from this infrastructure. So, we’re opening it up. To get a CVL Site, you’ll need to be working directly with a Colorado library or library organization, and doing work related to libraries. As time goes by and we have a more solid understanding of the need in our community, we may make a few more stipulations, but for now, that’s where we’re at.

But I don’t know HTML and I don’t have a web server!!

We know. And that’s why we’re doing this. CVL Sites are all built on WordPress, the state of the art blogging and content management platform. We’ve selected a handful of themes that allow for vast customization in appearance including the ability to use a simple graphical interface to upload your own logo, change some colors, and things like that.

Okay, but I don’t have any cash, either.

We figured as much. Right now, we’re not charging a dime for CVL Sites. As we get our footing with this new service, we may have to start charging something, but even if we do, it won’t be a lot.

Cool! But can you help me build it?

There’s the catch, see? We can help you a little – give you a little push out of the gate, as it were – but we can’t support the site entirely. If we had the staff to do that,… well, suffice it to say, we don’t. Chances are, though, that there’s someone in your community that has a passing familiarity with WordPress, and there is a ton of help online!

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