Free Websites for Colorado Library Organizations
~ in a snap ~

How It Works

Free, independent websites, hosted and cared for by the Colorado State Library,
for libraries, museums, and related organizations.

We’ll host the site on our servers, and make sure everything is kept updated and working smoothly.

We’ll work with you to create a site, and deliver hands-on training to help you create and maintain your content.

What’s Included

You get full administrative control over your own WordPress site. You can use a custom domain if you have one or use the default subdomain [your site] We supply a secure certificate. We can design a site for you, help you design it, or you can design it all by yourself. We’ll give you advice or training whenever needed, and are always on-hand for technical support to keep your site running smoothly and compliant with accessibility laws.

Depending on your needs, your site will be either a stand-alone WordPress site, or part of a WordPress multisite. If you really need a content management system other than WordPress, we might be able to accommodate you, but it depends. Contact us and we’ll talk.

You won’t get FTP or command line access to the server, or access to the database via phpMyAdmin or similar.


Use this form to send us an email about your website project. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.